東京都目黒区中目黒3-1-4 #102「THE GARAGE」
OPEN 12:00-19:00

東急東横線、日比谷線 中目黒駅より目黒方面へ徒歩5分。
Onigily cafe 裏。

Postal code 153-0061.
THE GARAGE, #102 , 3-1-4, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
tel: 03-6303-4886
OPEN 12:00-19:00
Closed on Wed & Thu, and extra holidays.

5-minute walk from Nakameguro Station
on Tokyu Toyoko and Hibiya Lines towards Meguro.
Behind Onigily cafe.

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2017年8月。鎌倉の駅からほど近い、住宅街にあるアトリエを予約制にてオープン。アロマセラピー、ヨガ、気功教室、金継、などなど暮らしにまつわるワークショップを開催しながら、陶芸、ガラスなど作家の作品をご紹介してきました。2019年4月、中目黒に移転。「THE GARAGE」店内にギャラリー&ショップ「Little TAO」を開設。



Aug 2017. Opened a studio in a residential area close to the station in Kamakura, by appointment only. In April 2019, the studio relocated to Nakameguro. In April 2019, the gallery and shop Little TAO was opened in THE GARAGE.

Things that at first glance seem useless, things that seem unimportant, the obsessions of each person. Trial and error on a daily basis to find out what is the meaning of abundance. We wish for interesting things, fun things, strange things, surprises, discoveries, rediscoveries and joy.

Nakameguro has a lively image, but it is a quiet place close to the station.
We look forward to welcoming you.



食べること、着ること、聴くこと、話すこと、歌うこと、歩くこと、走ること、登ること、降りること、作ること、生まれること、生きること、死ぬこと、楽しむコト、色んなこと、すべてすべてはどこからどこへ? 湧き上がってきた嘘のないコトはダレかの心をうつのだと思う。そしてそれは日々更新してゆく。

Tsuneda Tomoko
After graduating from art college, began working as a graphic designer for a publishing company and started working as an illustrator before going freelance around 1998. Through a friend, she began helping out at the contemporary ceramics gallery GalleryTAO. I started making ceramics and painting while working as an illustrator and graphic designer myself.
GalleryTAO closed at the end of 2016. I took this opportunity to look for a new ‘place’. I started holding exhibitions and workshops in my own studio as a ‘place’.

Eating, wearing, listening, speaking, singing, walking, running, climbing, descending, making, being born, living, dying, enjoying things, all sorts of things, where does it all come from? I think that the things without lies that come up from the air strike someone’s heart. And it renews itself day by day.

My favourite word.
 sense of wonder | Rachel Carson

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